It's a Red Day!

My morning is not as bright and sunshiny as I hope it would be. So I end up wearing…

Thanks Cor for being my official photographer for the day!

I swear my skirt is so NOT that short! It's an inch above the knee but my photog wants it a bit shorter so  I gave in.
Red baby blouse top from Japan, polka dot black tube top worn as skirt, peep toe pumps and very minimal accessories. I initially wore a wide belt over my top but a.M doesn’t like it so ditch it immediately. JJJ

The belt that I ditched!

Anyway, I hate over accessorizing in the office. I mean, maybe its ok if you’re on a party but not in the office goodness gracious! I just hate it when people simply wore too much when they are supposed to be on their best business casual attire. My friend Jerellt and I had a long MSN discussion about fashion and proportions; and we both agreed on one thing… never look like a Christmas tree in front of your boss! :-P

I only have a pair of earrings (not shown in photos),  black crystal bracelets with silver details  and a huge oval ring with a red stone to match my blouse.

My ever adorable peep toe pumps (P600).
I’ll try to post as much fashion-related articles since this is one thing I totally love. And I’ll help you guys find cute and adorable outfits that would surely fit your budget. I mean HONESTLY fit your budget! I just noticed that most fashion blogs are overflowing with items that I do not even dream of buying. Common! Who’s gonna buy an 8thousand-ish clutch bag? Or a 4thousand-ish wedge shoes? I’ll say NO WAY! So soon I’ll be opening my closet to you guys! Maybe I’ll even have a.M pose for me! J I’m uber taba to be a model! Hahaha..


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