In Love with Prints

I am experimenting with my look. Getting items that I used to not wear. I used to be the girly-girly type. Wearing either sexy stuffs or the really wild ones. Lately, I am trying to wear something not too tight and something with spunk!
Button-down Skirt: Naf-Naf | Flats: Mario D' Boro | Beaded Breacelets | Chunky Ring | Blue nailpolish

So getting this skirt is a love for me! This printed maong button down skirt by Naf-Naf is something that I truly love. Pairing it with a simple white top made it fit for an office wear.

Gorgeous details on the print! Very unique and fun to wear. An outfit with an attitude, definitely.

The skirt actually looked like a painting and I adore it! Like my purple canvass dress, it has that “artist-look” that I love.

White top with a huge star. Very simple to match the skirt.

Although while I am checking out my pics and choosing which one to post, I had a great difficulty. Chubbiness. I swear I look so bloated on those pics! I’m not sure if its because  of the top or the skirt or the flats.. or maybe all of the above! Or maybe, I say it with much difficulty, I am simply gaining weight! L Sadness!


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