Green Lantern

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Watched this movie twice. First was with my office buddies in regular cinema and the second was with a.M in 3D.

I mus admit that the first time I watched it, I got a little disappointed. It's just great that I watched it for free coz my buddy who just turned 1 (counting his Navitaire years) surprise us with this. The story is so so. The fights scenes are quite inadequate. The general effects (not in 3D) are so so as well. I was not able to really feel the movie. I just had fun because I'm with my best buddies and it's always fun to be with them anyway.

Although watching it in 3D is different. I would say that I was able to appreciate it more wearing those 3D glasses. The effects are wonderful specially the scenes on the outer space. Those meteors and galaxies and stars and asteroids are uber cool! :-) I love them. a.M and I are so much like kids trying to touch the stars. They seem sooo real I tell you. The story is still as lame as ever but they look cool! \m/


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