Genre: Romance
"You would never forget your first love"

This is a story of a girl and a boy who first met when they were 8. The girl loved the boy all this time while the boy thinks she's a pain in the ass.

Juli - a girl with conviction. With strength. Someone who sees the beauty of the world while up in a sycamore tree.

A girl living in a home where the front yard is not tidied up. Not rich. But with a caring mother and a loving father. An uncle who suffers from cerebral palsy but was very much taken cared of by her father.

A girl of simplicity. But values fun and is determined to get her happiness.

Bryce – a typical boy. Someone who values beauty. A campus crush. And disliked Juli. But eventually fell for her.

This is a story of a boy and a girl. And how they fell in love.

I relate to Juli, seeing her uncle with cerebral palsy, caused by cord coil just like my very own brother. Saw how much her father took care of him up to the point of allowing her own family suffer a little.

They were not rich but Juli’s family is full of love. While Bryce’s family has so much money but with so little love.

This is more that just a love story for me.

This is a story – of love, family, sacrifices and friendship.

I was moved by the kid’s way of telling their story and of how much they mature.


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