The Wedding

December 28, 2009, marked a memorable day for Abeng, one of my High School barkada (MA3E). For on that day, she tied the knot with her long time boyfriend Benjie.

We have seen this coming as early as December 2008 when another MA3E got married. It was on Adeng’s wedding that Abeng formally announced to us that she too would walk the isle soon.

Unlike Ansang and Adeng, whose wedding are like “rush photo ID”, we had more time to prepare for this wedding. Gowns were ready as early as November and Marie was able to file for her vacation leave as early as August. But I guess this is just OK since the wedding was held in Abeng’s hometown, Pangasinan.

Only Marie and I was able to attend. Adeng is already pregnant with her first baby and she’s having a difficult pregnancy. A 7hour travel to Pangasinan is a big No-No. While Ansang on the other hand, is already living in New Zealand.

She’s the third to get married. Making Marie and I to be the only eligible ones to wear a gown and walk down the aisle with her.

We’ve been so excited on this trip as this serves as our “vacation” as well. We plan to go to Bolinao and travel as much of Pangasinan as we could since this is the farthest that we’ve been.

The wedding was held at the hotel which is followed by a sumptuous reception. Both Abeng and Benjie are non-Catholics so the ceremony is quite different from the past wedding ceremonies that I’ve attended. Another first for me. :-)

We know Abeng’s father so well. He’s a college professor in EARIST and we would always bump into him during our High School days. We also usually hang out at their home in Sampaloc. But it was the first time we ever met her mother. So seeing her parents give her away to her husband and hearing her father say his privilege speech made us teary eyed.
It was indeed a memorable day. A touching one. Another milestone for a friend I know so well. A friend whose been so close to my heart. It was so glad to be a part of the day that would change her life forever. To see her with her now partner and bestfriend.


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