My Cheezy Valentine

I usually spend Valentine with friends.
I remember during college; Jerellt, Erlie and I would have our Valentine Date at the movies. We would watch Filipino romantic movies and be cheesy. And oh! We’d love to gossip on couples and check out once they started kissing. Hehehe..
I’m not really a romantic person. I don’t know. Although I’m always in love with love, I’m not the type who would do stuffs which you would usually see in the movies. And definitely, I don’t give anything on Valentine and I don’t expect anything at all.
But this year is different. I felt Valentine’s Day coming as early as February 01 when G.p went to the office to pick me up. And before going home, at around 11pm, while still in the office, she gave me this:

That’s the first card. It simply says she missed me a lot. :) I’m touched of course but since G.p is a sweet person, I just thought it’s one of her random sweetness thingy.

The next day, February 02, I got this:

Second card now! And since it’s also our third month of being friends, I thought it’s just another sweet thingy.

Honestly, I have no idea what she’s up to. Until I got another card the following day, February 03:

Then this:


This got me thinking. Hmmm… We’re together so she definitely doesn’t miss me and there’s no special occasion at all.

Then another card and another. Every single day of February until the 14th, I have received cards! :”>


It’s like a countdown of some sorts to Valentine. I find myself looking forward to another card every single day and would love to read what she’d write. Funny but I feel like in cloud 9.

Definitely, this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done to me.
It’s not cozy or expensive and it’s definitely not fireworks or dinner or a diamond ring. But they are more than that for me. Just the thought of picking up cards and making sure that each and every one of them would say how much our love has transpired is enough to make me giddy.
I am happiest now. Definitely not only because I have someone to share this feelings, but also because it’s her I’m sharing it with.
So there you go. That’s my cheesy Valentine story. What’s yours?


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