Cinderella in Pumps!

Last December, Marie and I went for a shopping spree. Both of us are preparing for our Pangasinan Trip and of course for Annabelle’s wedding.
I on the other hand, are preparing for another occasion – our company Christmas Party which I was assigned to host. Being the host, my outfit for that night is very important for me.
But being the budget conscious that I am, I was thinking of buying a pair of shoes that would both work on the wedding and the Christmas Party.
I tell you! Finding the perfect pair of shoes is like looking for Cinderella’s glass slippers because…

  1. I’m a size 4. How many shoe store in these planet sells size 4 shoes? And if there are any, they end up not matching one of my outfits.
  2. Annabelle’s motif is blue and silver so I need to buy a dress for the Christmas Party to fit her motif without compromising my looks. So I end up buying a black mini dress (originally a top but since I’m 4’10” I end up wearing it as a dress) with silver details.
  3. I need to look for a design which is not so traditional to match my dress but not too funky to match my gown.
  4. It should be budget friendly.
So imagine how glad I am for finding these pair in the busy streets of Divisoria. Not only they are perfect, but they are gorgeous that I immediately fell inlove with her.
PC152332 PC152325



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