Boracay: Getting There

Our flight schedule is 11PM. a.M and her officemates meet up at Transcom and went to the domestic airport together. Supposedly, I’ll meet up with them as well but I decided against it. Since it’s more convenient for me to just meet up with them at the domestic. They have miscalculated their travel so they end up being at the airport at around 8AM. 3 hours prior to departure! :-) That leaves me no choice but to leave early as planned as well. Anyway, I got there around 8:30, checked in and waited for the others…

DSC00556 While waiting for our flight. :-) Melason muna.
At past 11PM, we boarded the plane and traveled for 45minutes to Kalibo, Aklan. It was my first time to board a plane and it is my first time to travel outside Luzon. The farthest I’ve ever been.
It was midnight when we arrived Kalibo. Got our luggage and waited for the van that will bring us to Caticlan Jetty Port which means another 2hours of travel.
At Caticlan Port, we waited till 3AM to ride the ferry that will bring to our destination. A 20 minute ride to the Boracay Island, where we ride a tricycle that brought us to our cottage.
It is indeed a tiring day. A very long night for all of us. But can you blame us if we had a hard time getting to sleep? @_@ We’re just so excited to check out the Famous White Beach of Boracay.
Oh well.. But I guess we really need to wait until the sun comes up first. It is a veeeerrryyy long night indeed. :-)
P4034217Me on my first airplane ride ^_*
P4034227Kalibo Airport (Kalibo, Aklan)
P4034242Caticlan Jetty Port (Caticlan, Aklan)


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