Jerellt and I have been bugging Leng that we need to get out of the mess that we’re all currently in.

The hustle and bustle of the city is driving me crazy. Driving all of us crazy! Oh well, atleast me and Rellt.

We need to get out of town. Out of the office... away from the city... closer to nature...

I thought this “lakwatsa plan” of ours would be another drawing that I’ll add on my sketch pad but well, as usual, just days before the weekend Leng finally confirmed that she can go. :-) Yey! But that also means we only have a couple of days to plan our lakwatsa.


Months before, Jerellt has already suggested Laiya when I told her I wanted the sand and the sun. I agreed right away since I’ve been dying to go there after seeing Chico Garcia’s blog entry. We have already googled a couple of beach resorts so we basically had an idea of where to go.

After a series of “board meetings” which almost lead us to a food trip at Shangri La, we have decided to try the Laiya beach.

Finding a resort is not difficult. There are loads! But since we plan to go there on a long weekend, almost all of the resorts are fully booked so having a reservation is almost impossble. And guess what? As usual, that task was assigned to me and Rellt being the "partners in crime" when it comes to Lakwatsa planning. Whew!

So to cut the long story short (which I think deserves another blog post), we end up at Bahay Mustasa in Kabayan Beach Resort.


This is the life I wanted! :-) Honestly, I wish to stay there forever…


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