a Little Falling STAR

the stupid girl has decided to reside in my thoughts...

and now i am doomed to never forget her..

if i use some sort of mental telepathy, do you think i'd dwell in her mind too?

i should really stop thinking about her...

she makes me forget sleep…

This is a poem from long ago. Re-reading my old posts from my Multiply account made me realize alot of things.
I'm telling old tales to G.p while wondering how on earth we end up like this. How on earth we end up knowing each other more than we ever thought we could. I admitted to her that she's an old crush. Like so many others. But she's one of those "crushes" that I never thought I'd meet again. Like that cute guy you saw while riding in MRT, it made your heart flip and made you think of him more than you can imagine. But at the back of your mind, you know for a fact that you'll never ever see him again and it's alright. She's like that to me before. Like a Star, I am contented to look at her from afar. But now, I have a FallingStar with me. :-)
Being with her was one of the toughest decisions I've made in my entire life. It is also one of the most selfish decision I made. But whether it turned out not the way everyone of us would wish, I would still be glad that atleast once in my life, I saw and had a FallingStar as a friend. Yup! We're just friends. Enjoying each other's company while being happy as an individual. Alot won't understand. Alot won't believe. Some would question. Some would get mad. Some won't accept it as it is. But to be honest, I don't care. I just wanna be selfish for once!


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