Today I Wear Black!

Me on my Black Glory!

Today, we encouraged everyone to wear black!

Black is a symbol for mourning.

A couple of days ago, the whole Philippines or I must say, the world, was shocked upon hearing of the most tragic and saddest news ever -- 50+ people, children and women included, were massacred in Maguindanao.

Women were raped and beheaded. Men were beheaded as well. Even children were not spared. I don’t really know the details of how they were murdered as each has a story of their own. I don’t wanna know anymore. All I know is they are killed like animals.

Today, the mastermind went to NBI for custody. And frankly, I haven’t seen him yet. And I don’t want to. Right now, all I feel is anger. But I don’t want to wish him bad things. I don’t want to wish him dead and die of a painful and slow death coz if I did, I will be like him. What would be our difference?

Honestly, I don’t want him to suffer or die. I just want him to realize his wrong doings. I want him to see the bodies of those that died just because of power and greed. I want him to meet the loved ones of the victims, see how much he hurt them.

I am angry! Yes! Because come to think of it, they killed all those people simply because one challenged them and hoped for a better Philippines.



I am glad that in my own simple way, I was able to show that I am seeking justice for those victims.

Oh well. @_@

Although I didn’t look so mournful on my photo, believe me guys, I mean it! I just can’t help but to strike a pose whenever I’m in front of the camera. :)


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