Haunted Manor

Bessie invited me to her Take Off Par-tei. She’ll be off to Iloilo and would be staying there for a couple of months. She’ll be with her friends and trainees (Bessie is a call center trainer).

From Left to Right: Nina, Jhon and Bessie Ekang (Corky and I are a goner)

In Eastwood, we saw A LOT of par-tei people in wild costumes. We saw Sailor Moon, loads of girls wearing “sungay” headbands and lots of cowgirls in boots and bare tummy. It was only then that we realized that it’s Halloween! :)

A cowgirl in eastwood! Naman!

We decided to head try Manor Superclub. We saw a bunch of people headed there and we thought the place is cool.

Manor is so decorated for Halloween. There’s a “Tikbalang”, loads of “sapot” and even a lola in a rocking chair! Plus a coffin with someone inside who’ll scare you! It really is scary. Bessie and I almost jumped off the stairs when the coffin suddenly opened. Feels like entering the “Haunted House” in Star City only a whole lot better. :)

The Tikbalang and the Mangkukulam

Those Sapot are deadly! I keep on getting stuck on them :(

Poor thing though, my cam batt went dead on me so I was not able to take loads of pictures like the last time. :'c

Bitchy Me! ahhaha..Really looks like a witch :) Not the "Charmed" type I tell you!

Ekang and Me!

Me and my ever reliable "Mocha Frappe"

My verdict? Manor with the nice ambiance, bigger dance floor and a great DJ is one of the coolest clubs I’ve been to. I’d definitely go back there and I definitely recommend the place to all Par-Tei people out there. :)

Manor Superclub
Eastwood City, Libis


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