An Argument

Hypothalamus – (def. from A complex brain structure composed of many nuclei with various functions, including regulating the activities of internal organs, monitoring information from the autonomic nervous system, controlling the pituitary gland, and regulating sleep and appetite.

Heart – (def. from is a muscular organ found in all vertebrates that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions.

I was busy then, doing my everyday normal stuffs. Emails, client calls, trainings, meetings, sms and IMs.

And then…

I heard a not so familiar sound coming from the inside of my body. The little organ inside my chest is screaming. Shouting at the tiny organ inside my skull! Hmmm…

I stopped what I’m doing and listened. Like a nosy neighbor.

My heart and my hypothalamus are fighting.

Heart: “Can’t you see I’m in pain?! I felt like all the oxygen inside me is getting squeezed out! This is all your fault! If only you did what you are expected to do.”

Hypothalamus: “I am doing my job! How dare you question my ability? And besides, it’s not my fault. It’s your fault!”

Heart: “Me? Why me? My sole function is to pump blood throughout this body so all of you can function well. And now I’m hurting and you don’t care! If I stop beating, all of you will die.”

Hypothalamus: “Of course we care! But how can you blame me for your pain? I didn’t cause that. OK! I admit that one of my function is to control human emotions but it’s you who fell. You can ask all the people around you. What you have is a self-inflicted pain!”

Heart: “Of course I didn’t cause this pain. I only beat. Huhuhu.. people always blame me! They don’t know that it’s harder for me. :'c”

Brain: “Tsk! Tsk! Both of you stop! Wanna know who caused the pain? It’s the girl listening to you both as you fight.”

Me: “WTF!"


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