Review: Thanks for the Memories (by Cecelia Ahern)

My friend Jerellt posted a blog for this Book a couple of weeks ago. She rants about how nice the book is. How fun it is. And for those who took their time reading my friend’s blog, I hope you notice the P.S. part. :(
Oh well! Yeah! She said she won’t let me borrow her book. Coz it’s worth it anyway. I disagreed at first. Considering the fact that I’m cutting down my expenses and grabbing a book is not on top of my priorities right now. I have like a wardrobe full of books already.
So anyway, since I was tempted to buy it, I gave in and grab my copy last Saturday. And I must say, it really is a must read. :) I was glad my friend asked me to buy my own copy since it seems like I’ll be reading this book over and over again.
It’s light. Fun. Upbeat. And very interesting. I love the way Joyce’s father brings so much fun on this book. I am really a Papa’s girl so this book made me miss him so much. :( It’s been quite a while since I last saw him and Joyce’s father reminds me so much of my Papa. He’ll give lectures out of the blue. He’ll tell you things when you thought he’d never do. He’s funny and yet he never notices it. And like Joyce’s dad, my Papa always follows the straight path while I want to cut corners and make my own path and destiny.
Her friends are like my two Business Tycoon friends. We’d have Board Meeting once in a while to discuss things, oh well! Our Board Meetings, most of the time, is due to the fact that MY LIFE is turning into this chaotic drama again. They’d give me advice that I won’t listen to anyway since I run my life the way I want it most of the time. But well, we’d have fun discussing it. Especially once Erlie mentioned Ka Dencio and our battle to support his rights. Although none of us knew a Ka Dencio. Not even Erlie. And don’t even try to ask her where she got that Ka Dencio line coz for sure she’ll tell you she doesn’t know.
Oh well! As what I’ve said, this is something worth reading. For those who wants a modern day fairy tale with a major twist.


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