PBB Housemates: The Grand Eviction

It was July of this year when the PBB housemates first entered Big Brother’s house.
  • EBI – ang “Malditang Beauty ng Bataan”
    She’s a major hottie. Flawless skin. Nice bod. Pretty face. But don’t be deceived. :p She got her other side as well. She’d be bungangera especially when Kevin, another housemate and her cousin, would leave the house like hell. Or if Kevin accidentally locks their room leaving Ebi to pound on the door for 30mins before finally waking him up. She’d also be maldita especially when our inggiterang frog neighbor would gossip about us. She’s a Cowgirl and doesn’t have any Kaartehan on her body. Add the fact that she’s the major gimmikera of all the housemates.
  • AIZA – the “Topaking Lesbo ng Laguna”
    When I say topakin, she really is topakin. Her bestfriend is our inggiterang frog neighbor who would always find things to say about us even if it’s so not true. She’s the ultimate palengkera of the house. I mean literally! Coz her major task is to go the market everyday for our food. After 2 days of staying in the house, she already got Tropa outside. One hell of a friendly lesbian.
  • REDEN – the “Reklamador na Haciendero ng Cavite”
    He’s the rich kid. Once he went home wearing a Sanuk. Then a Levi’s shoes that he says were “given” to him by a friend. He’s the hardest of all the housemates to feed since he won't eat A LOT of things especially fish and veggies. So we end up eating Pork and chicken most of the time. :-s Add the fact that he would always complain about stuffs. Like how he can’t clean the CR coz he doesn’t know how to. Etc. etc. But one thing though, he’d still do it. ;)
  • KEVIN – the “Smart but Tamad Kid of Bataan”
    He’s our major problem. :p If you’ll visit our PBB house now and notice a lot of reminder post all over the place especially on doors and light switches, that’s because of him. He would always, always forget to: 1. turn off the lights before leaving, 2. wash the dishes and clean up the table, 3. lock the door, 4. throw the garbage, and a lot more. But don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice kid and very fun to be with. Add the fact that he’s smart. Graduated Salutatorian and is a MAPUA scholar.
  • AUBREY – the “Sexy Chef of Paco”
    This is my blog, my property, my right, my site! So only what I think matters ok? So don’t react. Nyahahahah… I’m the mommy of the house. Making sure my housemates are well nourished, setting up the house rules and makes sure they are followed. :) Tough job I tell you but I need to do this so we can all have a liveable house.
So there you go. The 5 housemates. My housemates. Actually, we went through a lot. I would never forget our bonding moments. Since it’s very seldom that the 5 of us are present at home, we make sure that every time that happens, we make it extra ordinary special.
Our bonding moments:
  1. CORY AQUINO FUNERAL: Yes! You read it right! That’s our very first bonding moment. No classes, no work. Me and Reden didn’t report for work that day even though we’re supposed to. So there we are, all 5 us. Standing in the middle of Quirino Avenue, all wet since it’s raining. Smelling like a pig and waving when we saw James Yap and some TV crew. :D Fun day! Memorable.
  2. SANUK TRIP FOR REDEN: It’s not a trip like “out-of-town-trips” ok? It’s a trip like “we-hide-Reden’s-Sanuk-After-the-fire-and-made-him-look-at-odd-places-like-the-cupboard-below-the-stairs”. Got it? We had so much fun teasing Reden. =) Well, the 4 of us suffered the trauma caused by the fire near our house and we won't let Reden be spared.
  3. ICE CREAM TRIP MINUS ME: Since Ebi demanded for Reden to treat them ice cream after doing something that made Ebitah mad, Reden gave in and treated us with Ice Cream. I was able to eat the chocolate syrup with nuts though.
  4. MOA TRIP MINUS EBI: Ebi’s phone was drained so we’re not able to call her and tell her that we’re at Padi’s MOA dancing our hearts out. Hehehehehe…
  5. THERE’s-ONDOY-SO-WE’RE-STRANDED: All five of us was stranded inside the house when Ondoy hit Manila. Though Ebi and Kevin were out earlier that day, Mr. Weather Man Reden has informed them that if they don’t want to swim on their way home, they should move their butt and get home.
Of course, if there are happy moments, we also encountered some bumps during our time together. And mind you, they are MAJOR bumps and all are enough to test our friendship and made us realize that we’re bestfriends:
  1. INGGITERANG FROG NEIGHBOR WHO GOSSIPS AND MADE UP STORIES TO HAVE US KICKED OUT OF PBB: one major headache that is. We thought all of us would be evicted early but thanks to Big Brother who came to our rescue and we’re all saved. (Actually, it was Lolo who came to our rescue. :p)
  2. FIRE: 3 apartments away from us, a fire started and burned the 2nd and 3rd floor of a house. It was so near and the flame is so big that we thought our house is gonna be burnt as well. But thank God our house was saved and we’re all safe. The heavy rain helped a lot. Lots of love and all thanks to Bro!
  3. ONDOY: I won't go into details about this as all of us already knew what happened to the metro during that time and our house was not spared. Water entered our place but thank God again we’re all safe. And that Ondoy caused no damage whatsoever to our place. Since our 1st floor is empty anyway.
So see? We had through A LOT and the recent happenings are both sad and happy.
First, Aiza got evicted. Oh well! I vote her out! Due to some reasons I can't explain and I can’t really go further into details.
Second, Ebi got evicted or more of like a voluntary exit by Ebi as she’s leaving for Doja, Qatar. Happy right? Oh well! Yes and No! Yes coz it’s an opportunity for her. A nice big opportunity for her. No, coz we’ll surely miss her. Anyway, she’s just a Tweet away. :)
This blog is dedicated to the original PBB Housemates. Some may have left, some would definitely come, but the memories and the friendship will always remain. Cheers Guys!


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