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1. The world can be so confusing. You wait for the one you love. The one you don’t love, waits for you. But the saddest thing of all… you love him, he loves you, but fate doesn’t want you to be together.

2. Love that we can not have is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest and feels the strongest.

3. Sometimes, even though you already love someone, it’s still possible to fall in love with somebody else. If that happens to you, and you’re forced to choose… follow your heart and choose the person who you’ll be happy with. Even if it’s not me, as long as you’re happy.

4. Letting go doesn’t always mean, “It’s over”. Breaking up would not mean, “I’ve had enough”. Instead, it’s as good as saying, “I don’t want to see you sad anymore, go on, you deserve someone better”.

5. When you walked by, I told my friend, “I loved that girl”. My friend asked me, “So why did you let her go?” I answered, “If she were MINE, do you think I’ll ever let her go?”

6. The worst feeling isn’t being lonely. It’s being forgotten by someone you could never forget.

7. I was first hurt by someone I really love. I didn’t want to give up, even if it hurts. But one day… I did! Why? Because I got so tired and exhausted. I realized how hard it is to love someone who’s not meant for you.

8. It hurts when the one you love left you and said, “You deserve someone better”. Then all you can say is… “Maybe I do”. But deep inside you’re crying coz you know you can’t find “BETTER” when you already found the “BEST”.

9. It’s hard to realize and to accept when the one you love has to go… it hurts but you say, “I can survive this”. But tears fall ’cause what you really mean is… “Oh God, what’s gonna happen to me?”

10. I feel sad when I don’t get to see you. I get hurt each time you ignore me. I’m jealous when I see you with somebody else. Gosh! I want to keep you all to myself. But then I realized… I don’t have the right. Coz you’re not mine.

11. I fought for you because I love you. I didn’t give up on you even though it was difficult. But when you said to me, “Sorry, I’m tired”, my heart was shattered. Not because I saw everything I worked for go down the drain, but because you left me fighting alone.

12. I loved you though I know it’s wrong. I waited for you for so long. I gave you my all until there’s nothing left for myself. I did everything for you. But is it enough for you to love me? Or is it enough for me to finally give up?

13. I got tired of waiting for you… I don’t wanna get hurt anymore. So I’m gonna stop hoping and I’ll try to move on… but I’ll walk away slowly… real slow… so if by any chance you wanna stop me, you can still catch up.

14. I’ve done the bravest thing in my life. I let go of someone I love so much. But as I did the bravest thing, I never felt weaker. All I did was cry and wish that I was never that brave.

15. “I wish I never met him. I wish I didn’t trust and hope too much. I wish I didn’t put myself up just to get hurt. But when I remember how much he made me happy, I go back to being stupid.

16. Time will come, you’ll get mad at me. Time will come, you’ll ask me why I left you. But when that time comes, this is all I have to say, “It’s not that I left you, it’s because you let me go”.

17. Did you ever love someone but you had to let them go, you thought they don’t love you, never cared. One day, you see that person again, already with a kid. You ask them, what’s the name of the kid, they smiled and said, “Same as yours.

18. Your ex-love gave her wedding invitation to you personally when suddenly a tear rolled down from your eyes. She wiped it immediately and said, “You’re the one I want to be with… but you didn’t fight for me.

19. When I was a child, I wanted to grow up and fall in love. Now that I’ve grown up and falling, how I wish I was still a child… coz it’s easier to heal a broken knee than a broken heart!

20. People say that love is the best gift anyone could give and have… my heart was crushed and I asked myself: “isn’t it tragic when I’ve got so much love to give, yet no one seems to want it?

21. Sometimes there would come a time when we have to stop loving someone. Why? Not because the person started hating us, but because we ran out of reasons to fight for what we feel.

22. Teach me how to be strong before you go. Teach me how to believe if you ever lie. Teach me how to control my tears before I start to cry. And please, teach me how to make you stay before you say goodbye.

23. It’s hard to live alone. It’s harder to choose someone to love. But the hardest part of loving is to admit that you’ve fallen for someone who can never be yours.

24. When you fall in love, don’t give everything without leaving something for yourself… someday, somehow, it would be too late for you to realize that you’ve given all for the wrong one, without saving something for the right one…

25. I don’t run from you, I walk away slowly. And it kills me because you don’t care enough to stop me.

26. Life is ironic! Sometimes you keep on crying even if the person neglects you, but you get surprised one day that just when you stopped crying and found someone new, that’s when she starts crying over losing you…

27. When I die, there’s just one thing I ask… I hope you’re there crying for me. But on the other hand, never mind. Why? Coz I don’t wanna see you cry, on the arms of someone else.

28. Loving someone can sometimes be exhausting. No matter how much you love a person, time will come when you have to give that person up, not because you don’t love him anymore, but because you’re hurting too much coz he can’t take care of you.

29. Up to where can you prove your love for someone? What will you do if that someone asks you, “Do you really love me?”

Never regret the choices you have made. Just believe in yourself and have faith. Life is not perfect; it is a blend of joy and sorrow. But whatever life leads you, it is because of God's purpose!



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