In My Life

Genre: Drama
After reading loads of blogs and some Tweets regarding this movie, I was curious enough that by Saturday, I really wanna watch it like crazy. Add the fact that I loooovvee John Lloyd and I’m hooked up.

Was not able to watch any of their sneak preview since I don’t have tv on my apartment. But from the reviews, it seems like it’s really a movie to watch for. So last Saturday, I dragged Aiza to SM Cinema and we watched In My Life. We’re rushing since it’s already 9PM and we hope to catch the LFS. It’s so great we have like 2 minutes to spare before the film started so we were able to get ourselves settled but no more time for popcorns. L

OK. Now I guess is the time for me to put my reviews.

How was the movie?

It’s superb! I love all the actors. I was even surprised Luis Manzano was able to pull up the strings and act like his parents. ;p I guess all the workshops and having Olivia Lamasan as a director help loads.

As usual, JL is soooooo good. I really think he’s one of the best actors of his generation. Next of course to Carlo Aquino who I think is still the best. (Enough of Carlo!)

JL and Luis are so convincing. They really look like gay couple in New York. I mean, watching all those gay movies and TV shows in the US gave me a glimpse of what to expect from them and they are wonderful. If I hadn’t known them I would really think they’re gays. J

And of course, Vilma is Vilma. Do I have to elaborate? Hehehehe… Although she deserves a thumbs up from me for being able to pull up some comedy on this new movie. Yeah! She’s no Kimmy Dora but boy! She’s funny! Sheeeett! Get’s mo?!

The story is not trying hard and not your typical Pinoy movie. The lines are all great and realistic. Being a gay myself, I can really relate to the movie. It made me cry, it made me laugh. It made me think things over. It made me thank the Lord for everything I have and for making me a loving person. It made me even proud of myself and my preferences.

So Over All?

I recommend this movie for everyone to watch. Actually, these days, Pinoy’s are really thinking out of the box and doing great movies so am really glad. And this is one of them.


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