FLOOD! FLOOD! At the Metro!

Woke up at around 7:30am and was welcomed by a dark Saturday Morning. Aiza just arrived from work, all wet and extremely exhausted. The rain was continuously pouring the previous night. We all prepared for the day. My housemates Ebi and Kevin went to work and school respectively. I cooked our day’s food eventhough am still not feeling well, and Aiza’s about to go to sleep. Reden was all dressed up since he’s about to go to his folk’s home in Cavite. Everything is normal. Everything seems fine even though it’s raining cats and dogs.
At around 11am, I’m all dressed up for work. I was even looking forward to coming to the office coz I have mountain high stuffs that needs to be done. Reden decided to wait for me as he ate first before leaving. Then we noticed something peculiar. There’s water outside our house. And not just the typical rain water I tell you. It looks like the river was just transferred on our area! And the water was flowing wild! Tsk! Tsk! So we decided to wait for an hour or two.

At around 5pm, we have accepted the fact that our area is flooded. Our neighbors are already evacuating. We don’t have appliances and the first level of our house is empty anyway so we just waited for the water to enter our lovely place. And it did. We send an SMS to both Ebi and Kevin and told them to take care on their way home since the Metro is flooded. Both went home fine but wet and so tired! :(
So here we are all 5 of us, stranded at home. Without a TV to know what’s happening. Haist! Without internet even. :( No twitter for me for 2 whole days. Huhuhu…
But we thank God we’re fine and we’re safe. That I guess is enough. Even better than the others who got stranded. My officemate tried to go to work. He lives in Rizal. And after 2 hours of waiting for any means of transportation that would bring him to our office in Manila to no avail, he decided to go home and walked for 5 whole hours. And guess what? Their place is also flooded and he needed to help his mom fix their stuffs. Whew!
I hope tomorrow would be better though. I hope tomorrow when I wake up; our house is all dried up. Puh-lease! Good thing I decided to bring home my laptop last night instead of leaving it in the office like I usually do. Or I’d die of boredom. Tsk! Tsk!
BTW, here are some pics of our flooded street. I didn’t even try to step out of the house so I don’t have pics of the “Real” flooded Metro. But am not sorry, I tell you. I’m ok at home. Swear! :)


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