FLOOD! FLOOD! At the Metro! – Updates

Ebi, Kevin and I decided to go out of our house to go to the nearest computer shop. We just can’t stand eavesdropping on our neighbors just to get updates. Our FM radio’s are just not enough.
The first thing I checked? TWITTER!
Twitter is mayhem. Loads of tweets are about updates and rescue messages, messages asking for pledges and volunteers. Miriam Q, Bubbles, Maxene, Ruffa, even Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano and Josh Groban are actively seeking help for those in need. The only thing I can do is to RT. Hoping someone could read my tweet and help! :(
Am so glad a lot are helping. Even celebrities are going out of their way to help. They are the ones who have access anyway. Their tweets could reach many and based on the tweets am reading, a lot are actually helping.
Thank God for Twitter. There are a lot of people that was actually rescued because they tweeted for help. Haaaayy!
I also tried to visit my Facebook account and check out for my friends who are online. So far, some seems OK enough to post love quotes on their FB wall. Thank GOD! :)
I also went OL on my YM account and was able to get in touch with a couple of my closest friends. My friend Jerellt already managed to post a blog about the flood on their place caused by Ondoy.
Some of my friends got stranded. I just got a word that my bestfriend walked from Nagtahan to Pandacan. She’s safe. Am glad. Thank God again. :)
I checked some news site to get myself updated. I was even able to watch a video where cars are being carried away by the heavy flood. Also some pics of the streets last Saturday. I saw a video from FB where the subway in Ayala Ave is overflowing with rain water.
But the pic that almost made me cry is a photo of Mikee Arroyo, at the grocery store looking for a brandy!!! Really!!! Heller Mr. President’s son and Congressman! The whole Philippines are suffering. A lot are cold and wet and hungry and is asking for some help. And there you are! Looking for some brandy! Hu-WOW! And the government is saying we don’t have funds for these types of calamities because guess what? 800M was spent for your Mom’s travels that were supposed to be for Emergencies like these! And guess what again? It was actually Richard Gutierrez who rescued Christine Reyes from their rooftop after staying there for 13hours with her kid nephews and nieces. It was also Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo who rescued Gladys Reyes and family. It was a lowly Airport Security Guard who donated his used clothes and some groceries to Red Cross via Twitter/Bubbles Paraiso. Heller! Even the security guard helped and was actually worried for his fellow Filipinos! Grrrrr…

Celebrities are busy asking for help. Celebrities are re-tweetting help Tweets! They RT messages from fans asking for help! Instead of the government doing all these, it’s the PRIVATE citizens and private organizations that are doing it.
There’s actually a very touching Tweet from Ruffa, she said the people from a POSH village was rescued by their neighboring baranggays who bravely swam to help them. And as far as I know, those “neighboring baranggays” are slum areas. Even poor people who basically have NOTHING helped! Risked their lived and tried to save their fellow Filipinos.
I’m tired. I don’t wanna think about it anymore. I feel sorry. I felt angry. But above all, I THANK THE LORD OUR GOD for everything. For every single blessing. For making my friends and family safe. We glorify you Lord! Thank You for everything!


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