a Letter for You from Her

My Dearest,


Where are you? I’ve been waiting for you. As I lay down tonight without you in my arms again, I felt the pain searing into my every being.


Are you with her? Are you kissing her right now? Are you hugging her the way you used to hug me? Are you enjoying her company?


Maybe that’s why you forgot me. That’s why you’re not missing me the way you used to do every time you’re away from me. Maybe you’re having the time of your life with her. Too bad it’s not me you’re with. But it’s ok honey. It’s ok as long as you’re happy. I just hope you told me. I just hope you keep me informed. I just hope I am aware. But I am not until this morning.


Before you left a couple of days ago, you even told me you love me. I believed you then, even though I’ve been sensing something different from you.


I know it’s she you’re talking with every time you leave the bed at night. I heard you whispering over the phone. Giggling like a love struck teenager. I saw the spark in your eyes every time you see the phone beep signaling for an incoming text message. I know it’s her. But I didn’t say a word.


Those eyes that used to see only me are now sparkling for someone else. I know you used to love her and I can feel that you didn’t even stop loving her. And now that she’s back, I know you want her back to your life once again even though you already got me.


I will not stop you. If you think you’d be happier with her then go my love. Go to the arms of the girl you loved for so long. I thought I succeeded in making you forget her, but I guess I didn’t. You loved her all these years and you love her until now. And it breaks my heart to even just think of it. But as I’ve said, I’ll be happy whenever you are. I just hope you’d tell me and say goodbye to me properly.


I love you baby. I will always love you. I hope you’d be home soon. Our baby is waiting for you. Be home soon.



Your wife


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