Major Disaster!

I’m a big Starbucks fan. Ever since I lived with Des and Mimi on my very first apartment in Paranaque, I have always been a fan. Then I worked at eTelecare. Well, everyone knows that coffee is a call center agent’s best friend. I was even able to acquire their yearly promo of Coffee Journal because I knocked off 16 cups of coffee in 2 months time.

I never buy those comments about Starbucks being an overpriced coffee. I have read in a blog somewhere in this busy web that Starbucks coffee, even though it cost almost 200 bucks per cup, is not overpriced. It is just enough because of the excellent customer service that they have. I agreed. I should know! For about 4 years, I’ve worked with 3 companies under their customer service department. So I know how to treat customers. And I know what I deserve as a customer. And Starbucks would definitely have my praises for having an excellent customer service.

They know how to treat you well.

I got my Starbucks Coffee Planer in March, although I was supposed to get in January. They said that they are overwhelmed with the number of customers who participated on their promo and now all their stocks are gone. They need to order another set which would take some time. It was actually the manager who talked to me when they noticed that I am having wrinkles on my forehead when they told me that I have to wait for two more months. The manager at Starbucks Robinson’s Otis apologized and asked for my name and contact number. Then he gave me a complimentary coupon: a free Starbucks drink. Not bad! Then two months later, I got my journal and a bag! Plus another complimentary coupon. That is how well they treat their customers. And on all Starbucks branch that I’ve been, the crew and staffs are very accommodating.

But then, something happened to me a few hours ago that involves a Starbucks security guard at Robinson’s Place Ermita.

Aiza and I are already at Super Bowl of China and ordered our food when I noticed that my wallet is not in my bag. It turned out; I left my wallet on my pedestal at the office. My cards are also in my wallet and Aiza only have 200 bucks on her pocket. So I went back to the office, grab the wallet and returned to Robinson’s Place at 10:30 PM. The mall is about to close. The nearest entrance is the Starbucks which is on the side of the mall. So I entered the coffee shop and was about to pass their other door that would lead me the Mall proper. But this very rude security guard blocked my way. I tried to tell him that I have to meet someone who happened to be inside the mall with no money to pay her food and I need to enter the mall so I can pay. But he is so rude. He won’t let me pass. He asked me to go outside of the store.

I’m so pissed off that I was not able to finish my meal at Super Bowl. Too bad I had to endure that kind of treatment after the ordeal I went through. So in order for me to get to Aiza, I pass by the main mall entrance. Which by the way, has a very nice guard. When I told him what happened, he let me pass without any fuzz. I mean, what am I gonna do inside the mall? Every store is already closed.

I understand that he is a security guard, thus the security of the customer inside the store is in his hands. If he just courteously informed me that I really need to pass by the main mall entrance because of security purposes, I would not make such fuzz about it. I’d get irritated but I’d understand. And if he’s been a little bit courteous, maybe, I would not feel irritated at all. But he’s just so rude. Maybe it’s because I’m just on my jeans and simple shirt I don’t look like a rich kid. And I’m sweaty and looking like a squatter. Well, the more I’m pissed off! How dare him! He was even looking at me as if I’m not good enough to be inside the store. Grrrrr…

Whew! Now, I am thinking if I’d stay as a Starbucks fan. Come to think of it, is that how they treat people around them? I know I’m not a customer during that time. But being nice should not only be for your customers. But to all. To gain more customers. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!


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