A Very Charmed Day


In lieu of Erlie’s bday celebration, me and my college buddies/sisters went for a Sporty afternoon at Robinson’s Ermita. It was spent with a Bowling Tournament participated by:

  • Erlie – The birthday girl! Ang nagpakulo ng lahat
  • Aubrey – The most sporty! In two games I got the lowest of the low scores..but who cares??! I think I look good on my Bowling shoes, green skirt and green shirt..although I am not sure if it’s a good idea to wear skirt on a bowling game..
  • Jerellt – The girl who almost followed the bowling ball to the pins..kc ang bigat nung bola.. :D
  • Aiza – My honey who says she wont play bowling coz she doesn’t know how to..but well.. it turned out (as usual) she’s one of the highest pointers and she definitely enjoyed the game..hmmm..
  • Jeff – Jerellt’s officemate and a constant lakwatsa buddy of ours..heheheh..
  • Joie – Jeff’s jowa??!! This I am not sure but I can always assume..this is my blog site..what the F..
  • Gwaps – of course, Jerellt’s love and our only thorn..the first guy to Strike..and well..I am the second and last one.. J

Had a very fun afternoon playing bowling. Although my arms are already aching because of the heavy balls and I always hide behind Aiza after every attempt to strike. Basically because I'd always hit the gutter instead of the pins! But who cares???!! Nyahahha.. I’ll just have to wish they wont notice..
After the bowling tournament, participated by the “paeng nepomuceno”-soon-to-be’s, we transferred to the billiards table and show our BATA moves! hmmm.. As for me, that includes twenty minute of trying to get that no. 4 ball into the hole, same goes for Erlie of course! Well, that also includes a lot of BAD SHOT from me! Nyahahah.. There are loads of people there, and since am with my honey who’s so into billiards, I just laughed my heart out after every attempt of traumatizing the poor billiard balls. So we decided to pose instead. I think I'm better with that aspect.

Every moment shared with these two girls are fun for me, no matter how exhausting it is!

After that very tiring and exhausting sporty event, we all went to the Midtown wing and looked for something to replenish our energy.

And that means... we’re looking for a nice Japanese Resto! As usual, since its Erlie’s day, better make it complete by indulging into her (and well, I must admit that also holds true to me and Rellt) favorite type of cuisine..the JAPANESE!

So we went to TEMPURA! For more pics from our Tempura Getaway, go

Yum yum yum..we got a nice table for 7, looked at the very appetizing the menu and ordered! My honey is really not into Japanese but I promised her that she’ll love it and I guess I got it all right!

Me and my honey got:

  • Donburi for Honey – a big bowl of rice, beef and egg..well, am really not so good in trying to elaborate the ingredients..basta! all I can say is my honey loved it so much that for her..Donburi is now her favorite japanese food..
  • Yakisoba for me – a big plate of yakisoba that got me so full I wasn’t able to finish our tempura
  • Tempura Gyosa for Us – the tempura which we can’t finish anymore although it’s so delicious..


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