..LOVE CYCLE -- Lesson 101..

“How come you have enough time to go out

and make others fall in love with you?

But you don’t have enough time to pay attention

to the one who already does?”

I got this forwarded sms from my big brother housemate -- EBI.

And it made me wonder…

Yeah! How come?

Sometimes, it made me wonder…

How come you’d have a crush on someone and dream of being with her

and you do everything on your power just to make her notice you.

And you’re willing to have sleepless nights just to wait for her txt message
to tell you she’s home and safe before you’d even go to bed.

And you’d give your 100% attention to everything she’s saying because
you think that is the most important thing in this universe.

And you make her realize you’re the best person she could ever have and
promised not to make her cry and love her and take good care of her.

You’d promise to give her the moon and the stars and the sun and the universe.

And then she’d fall so deep in love with you.

And then…

You’d forget everything….



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