Well since nobody on my current household has the guts to cook, I took the liberty of cooking! Am currently the mom of the household. Ensuring that my “kids” are well nourished. So my first try out recipe?!! What else! The Filipino Adobo! Or what I think is an ADOBO! :-s

Haaay.. I was talking to a friend and I informed her how happy I am for being able to cook the best adobo in the planet. I loved it! Oh well @_@ I know it’s biased but I really loved it. Since you know, my mom is very fond of cooking adobo with pineapples and I miss my mom’s cooking so I tried one of my own. But in the end, I think I was not able to cook adobo at all!

Well MY adobo has pineapples and no vinegar! Ahahahha..I know! Ridiculous! How can you call it adobo if there’s no vinegar involved?! L I don’t know. But it has soy sauce and garlic and onions. Ahahahah..palusot?!

But atleast my big brother housemates loved it! Except for Reden who doesn’t seem to like anything, so who cares?! So now, I’ve decided to call it – Aubrey’s Adobo! Hmmmm..you think I can be a chef someday??!



Dream on!!!


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