..Overflowing Rages..

CONFUSED – def. disoriented mentally (from www.thesaurus.com).

CONFUSING – def. puzzling (from www.thesaurus.com).

A friend once said – “Confused and Confusing Kid ako! Nobody wants to listen to an emo kid! And its better that you don’t know me, you’d regret it if you knew me a little bit more.”

And I can’t even agree more! Hahaha..(loko ako! Mabasa nya to! Oh well!)

Mentally disoriented and puzzling??!! Hhhhmmm…Is it even possible? I mean, yeah! We can be a pain in the a@# sometimes but hey! I know in one way or another, somebody would understand us and what we’re going through and why we choose to be like this or do that. Right?!

Hell no!!! I won’t understand her! I mean! WTF! Why is she acting like one helluva loser?!! Is it even my fault?!! I ASKED!!!!!! I fucking asked you more than once! I am beginning to think am already being papansin so I stopped. But whatever!! Why do you have to make me look like a complete idiot there!? I AM NOT STUPID! Maybe you are. Thank you eTelecare Global Solutions and your 2 month people relations training. And thank you all irate callers of Vonage Technical Support. And thank you Jpeg Carino for always telling me to smile and chillax everytime an irate (S2pid!) caller is on the line. Coz I am sure I’d crush that girl right there and then if I am still the 4’10” dragon that I am in SPi. So I was there. I was smilling and saying “am sorry I didn’t know” with smiles on my face eventhough I wanna punch her and crush her glasses on her face. I mean, do you really have to act like that? What’s your fucking problem?!! You tell me!! And to think…she’s only like that to me! YES! To me! Me and my gorgeous ass! Wahahahah…grrrrr….

Nakakainis ka!!!


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