..i miss the ABCAZ girls..

I think one of the reasons I managed to stay at SPi for almost 3 years are them: ROX and DES!

Yeah! Despite the lack of monetary fulfillment and haggardness that I am experiencing on that company, in one way or another, I managed to stay. Because there, I have friends! Real friends! Someone I can really talk to without conviction, without hesitation. There I can be happy just eating lunch (twice a day!). And there I always look forward to another chicka session with them. Then when I got transferred to another project, I met Percy. My dude! My guy bestfriend! Another round of chicka session. An addition to our little group. The people in SPi are nice. Most of them are. And I think, that’s why I always miss it until now. I miss having friends in the office. I mean real friends. Someone who’ll call you and would go pasyal with you. Someone who’d love to be at Star City and visit the peguins with you. Someone who’d eat ham and cheese omelette with you and laugh at your foolishness coz it ends up you’re eating the same thing for a month now. Someone who’s willing to stay up all night listening to your endless pleas for help because you don’t know what to do. And you can’t explain properly but she’d still go “it’s ok sis! Kaya mo yan sis!” I miss talking to sis and my bhebhe. I miss the pigeon talks with Percy and our dog hunting trips. I miss mapping at abcaz and I miss processing returns. I miss submitting Daily Status Report while imitating the British accents of our clients. I miss going to the mall just to buy outfits for a supposedly date. I miss our movie trip. I miss everything. I know that place is not perfect. Especially when you’d look at your payslip every 5th and 20th of the month. But everytime I see my friends, everything seems ok. Somehow it seems ok.

I miss you guys. Kung pwede lang ditto nlng kaung dalawa. Kahit tayong 3 ulet. Wahahaha…keri lang!

Us at Laguna
Me and BheBhe

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