My Grown Top Ten List

Ok! Remembered a time in high School when you would write down top 10 whatevers!?! Am sure you do. I guess most of us if not all had our top 10s.

So now, let me present to you…………….


  1. Keep the faith! When all else fails...just keep the faith!
  2. Know your priority and make sure you prioritize them!
  3. Deal with your issues one by one…
  4. If there’s a will, there’s a way..
  5. Love your job! (as what a friend of mine says...that’s one thing you have total control of..)
  6. Love your family but don’t let them hinder your growth as an individual…
  7. Show people you love how much you love them while they’re around…nothing is more painful than an unsaid iloveu
  8. Make sure to visit a place you haven’t been at least once a year…travel as mush as you can..,to enjoy the world..and to enjoy life…meet new people..learn new things..
  9. Have a cup of coffee with old friends…eat out! Spend some time together…give updates…nothing is more fulfilling than the thought that after all this years..there’s someone there who knew and could remind you that once when your just cried over a lost lollipop..
  10. Save up…if you got thrown out of your house today…make sure you have enough bucks to live alone…


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