..lost and connection..

I've got loads of things to upload on my site - the CHARMED pics, the blah blah pics and everything.
But guess what?! Can't find my usb cord! How can i connect the fucking camera on my fucking laptop without the fucking usb cord??!! Great!
My life's a mess at the moment..i just got thrown out of my own house..haven't seen my family for almost a month..missed my brothers so much..am nearly broke..am pised off with my boss..i have too much on my plate as of the moment..my Anawangin dream is just that! fucking dream..good! very good! this is exactly what i planned..
Oh well! if there's one thing i've learned..that is to count your blessings..
i have a close to decent house (close as my house is kinda messy because most of our stuffs is still on those bags as we dont have a place for them)..
i still got my job..
my honey is on training and hopefully she'll be earning in less than a month..
my officemates are nice (except for some but who cares?!)..
i think am starting to get a grip on my projects ( i just hope they've trained me one project at a time..not unlike now wherein im being trained for 4 projects by someone who's a complete git..but its ok! thank god for giving me an above average IQ so i think i can do self-study)..
HS reunion at Club Manila East -- which is fun!..
my friends are all great and never left me once..thank god for them coz if they're not around i think i'll be sleeping on the streets by now..
plus i got honey..and i know i am loved..
and above all i got JESUS on my side..


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