I AM 25!

Wow! A year older, a year wiser, a year stronger - I am 25!

I’m on my mid twenties now. Imagine how fast time flies. It seems like yesterday when I’m 15 and off to go to college. Hehehe. I didn’t know what I want, what I’d expect from that big university I’m entering. I remembered I am preparing for school then. Hmmmm...If my memory serves me right, these are the times when I and Adelfa and Jessie and the rest are going to PLM. Lining up to have our pictures taken, lining up again to look for the registrar, lining up again to look for my College Department -the ENGINEERING department! And a lot more lining ups! Hehehehehe…I always wanted to become an engineer since I found out that I have the gift for numbers. And I am so amazed with computers and the wonders of it that I opted for the Computer Engineering course even though it’s a quota course and according to my teacher then, it’ll be difficult to get into a university if you choose quota course. But who cares??! I want it. And I know I am intelligent enough to pass the exam even if it has quotas!! wehehehe…YABANG! But well, I proved them I’m right. I passed the PLM entrance examination, got my dream course though my Papa was telling me that I should have taken Chemistry and mom actually wanted me to become a teacher…whoa!! I still went for the thing I wanted. Now I'm a Computer Engineer. I passed college with flying colors and currently working on a nice IT company - the Integrated Solutions Technology as an Implementation and Customer Support Specialist II. Enjoying my job..taking my time…and of course…LEARNING!

Now, I am 25. And today’s my day! Though, I spent the whole day at home (as usual). Just cuddled with my honey. I slept…eat loads…and slept again! Hehehehe…I missed the comfort of home. Those times when I don’t have to worry of deadlines. Of things, of what’s it and what’s at. Now I am living alone. As alone as I can be. Paying my bills, preparing my food. I am independent! But am I happy??!! I know I am! Though I missed them so much. But I am happy. I am happy now that I can do what I want. Happy now that I don’t have to worry anything else except myself. I am happy knowing the fact that I am taking care of myself and I am responsible enough for my actions. I am the big girl now. I have a home, my own things, things that I bought from my earnings. I am not a baby anymore.

Yesterday, I learned something from my bestfriend. We haven’t seen each other for a month now and I don’t know that she has something to tell me personally but doesn’t have the luxury of time. So she texted me, told me there’s something she wanted to tell me for almost a month now. And her txt is something like this: “magiging Daddy na ko! :)”

I was really laughing. Although am a bit worried. My bestfriend is a girl. Though she’s a bisexual and is currently dating another bisexual who’s very Tomboy. So my reply is something like this: “bkit best?! Magpapasex change k n??! or buntis c &*#$%??!! Nyahahaha…anu nga yun??!! My prob?!”

I am worried of course! She’s the best of my bestfriends. I’ve known her half my life and I don’t know what the F is she talking about. She’s gonna be a daddy??!!

It turned out my second guess is right. Her partner is pregnant. They’ve been together for 3 years now and I wont give out the details anymore coz it’s too personal. But the bottomline is, her partner is pregnant and they’re still together. Living with her actually for almost a month now. She learned of it last month and her partner is due next month. The baby is a boy! My bestfriend and her partner is expecting a baby boy. I know my bestfriend is happy and we’re the type of bestfriends who never questioned each other’s decision. We respect each other and support each other coz I think that’s what bestfriends should do. I told her, "dapat ninong ako!" Coz that’s my bestfriend’s baby and she told me of course. They are expecting an angel and though that is a big responsibility on her part, oh well! She’s happy and I am happy for her. Who am I to question her?! Though I told myself, if that baby boy would grow up acknowledging my bestfriend as his parent, I would love him. Like I love his Daddy! Or mommy??!!

Big news, another MA3E is getting married! Last year, Adelfa got married on December 6th. Though we missed Riza. It has been a lovely day. A lovely wedding for one of my most loved and treasured friend. Now Annabelle is next in line, another December wedding. Heheheh…Gown fitting would be on September. Wow! We’re really grown ups now. With my best friend expecting a baby, Riza of Ma3E in New Zealand with her husband and 2 kids and Adelfa married and happy. Annabelle preparing for her wedding, which by the way is going to be held in Pangasinan. Whew! I think that would mean I should take 5day leave. Hehehhe…


“Carpe Diem! Live, Love, Laugh and Learn!”


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