defining ME

“I may not be a perfect girl but I am a girl who knows what she wants.” - It took me two decades to finally say that without conviction!

Yes! I know what I want, who I want and where I wanna be. What I want may not fit your moral values; it might be included on your NEVER TO DO list. But who cares? It’s me! And I will never be ashamed of me again! NEVER! I’ve been lying to myself for too long. Too long that I even thought the lies are the truth. But deep inside me, I know! I am not happy living with lies.

For too long I felt too shattered. Too broken. Million pieces of me are scattered everywhere. Scattered on almost every corner of this crazy world. It’s been a tedious job to make those pieces whole. To solve the puzzle, the mystery of being me. But I was able to do so. I was able to make myself whole. Maybe not as perfectly whole as I want to be. But I am as whole as I can be. Yes! To be honest, there are still pieces of me somewhere. Some place I don’t even know. Some place I don’t wanna know. Some place I’ve been but don’t even want to remember. I think I’ll just leave those pieces there. Those are my pieces that I don’t want anymore. Those are ME that I can’t recognize.

The new ME? This is what I want. This is who I really am! This is how I wanna be.
I may not be perfect..but I am ME!


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