Friends... and their benefits!!

I am so pissed today! Actually, just a couple of hours ago. I had another round with honey and I am really losing my patience.

I'm just human! I am not DARNA and as part of my human rights, I do have the right to get mad!

So today, I deliberately walked out of our house and went here - the good old cafe! Spent my hours reading my friend's blogs. In short, reading their fair share of stupidity, heartaches and dramas! And guess what? haha! It made me feel alot better! Atleast, I found out that I'm not the only one suffering all along.

This afternoon, my boss went to me and told me that I am already certified! IT Implementation Specialist II! Certified! Done with the training and off to implementation.

Good thing? Yup! This is something I wanted all along. A place where I can feel my importance. A place where I can be my best. I know it aint perfect! Way beyond perfection. But who cares? I'm so used to imperfect things already. And after a couple of years being me, I finally learned that I can't get the perfect thing. I can only have what I deserve.

A friend once told me, "Why are you staying on a job that don't pay you much but lets you work too much?"

I said, "Because I am simply happy. And I'm learning".

I never regret staying. I never regret letting go of those "once in a lifetime opportunities". Maybe you'll think I'm losing my mind. Hell NO! I am happy coz I learned loads of things. I am me because of those decisions. You may question it, you might even think it's irrelevant. But to me, those are my reasons of leaving.

Today, I decide to stay. To go home and kiss my honey. I know tomorrow we'll have another round of fight. But WHO CARES?!


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