Ridiculously Insane

It was a short affair; it was never a love affair. I confused myself with the warmth and joy I feel whenever I am with you. And you know how this is; the one always vulnerable and hoping is the one hurt. It sucks as hell because I come across desperate for something I know subconsciously, is impossible. But I am not the only one at fault. You give signs that you like me too, you say words that make me fall for you, you fix my stuff and surprise me the day after that you made something special just for me… don’t do that if you don’t have feelings for me…. It’s misleading and unfair. I know that you are never gonna want anything more that what we have and I’m always going to in the first place I don’t know what we have??? Yes, I may have misinterpreted signs, but I won’t if you did not give any stimulus. It just not right don’t blame me if I loved you… it’s your fault… you made me do it. There will always be an inevitable outcome here I’m just not sure what it is yet…


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